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In 2009, I had the opportunity to provide services to the women in the Armed Forces stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The desire to look & feel your best, and the convenience of an easy makeup routine, are common threads shared by women everywhere. 



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Milo C.

Modesto, CA
After doing a ton of research, I decided to make a trip to San Diego to see Karey.  I live in Northern CA, near San Francisco.  I had Karey do my eyebrows and eyeliner.  I have to say, I could not be happier.  Karey is professional and absolutely wonderful to work with.  She listened to my wants and needs and we worked together to get exactly the look I was going for.  It took quite a few hours because we both wanted everything to be just right, and I would do it again.  Her prices are a little high compared to other people in the area, but I honestly believe you get what you pay for, and Karey is 110% worth it.  If I ever need touch ups, I will travel wherever I have to in order to make sure Karey is the only person touching my permanent make-up.

[5.0 star rating]

Renee D.
San Diego, CA
When I was younger I was in an accident that resulted in me scraping a big chunk of my left eyebrow off. So for years, I would take the time to wake up in the morning, draw in half of it, and assure that it did not wipe off throughout the day. I did some research on different permanent makeup businesses, and came cross Karey. What I really like about her work is that her art does not involve coloring in eyebrows but simply drawing them out (hence, "Fine Lines"). She aims for the most natural look possible, unless you prefer otherwise. 

I was really nervous coming into my first appointment, but my experience with Karey was/has been phenomenal. Unlike other beauticians who may want to rush the process simply because they don't want to put in the effort or have already put in too much time, Karey sits with you and spends as much time drawing out your brows with you to make it EXACTLY how you want it. No bad/annoyed vibes whatsoever because she understands that they are your brows and you are the one who will be living with them. We spent at least an hour and a half, maybe two hours drawing them out and she was patient and willing to work with me the whole time. She makes you feel like you're being taken care of. When I walk in to her studio, I instantly feel a blissful/serene feeling. You'll see what I mean if you book her :)

After the second visit that's included with the initial fee, I was completely in love with my brows and incredibly thankful I had found/chose her. It's a great feeling not having to wake up in the morning and spend 10+ minutes attempting to perfect my eyebrows. I receive compliments on them all the time! I have grown to love Karey more and more after each visit. She is amazing! You won't regret it!

[5.0 star rating]
Diane F.
San Diego, CA
OMG!!! I am so thrilled that I had my eyebrows done by Karey. She is very professional and explained everything before and during the procedure. I felt so comfortable I almost fell asleep. The best part is I wake up and look good without having to put make up on.  It looks so natural and my friends and family have told me I look great and well rested. I wish I would of done it sooner.

[5.0 star rating]
Susan N.
Ramona, CA
Karey is the best!!! She is an amazing artist and her work is so natural looking. She takes pride in what she does and she really takes the time to listen to what you want. Her follow up is the best and she is so willing to go above and beyond for her clients. She really cares about her clients and their happiness with her work...


I'm Karey Gregerson, Artist and Owner at Fine Lines Studios. I love to see people light up when they feel better about themselves! Tattooed brows will help you feel more confident, more feminine, and look more youthful! 

My philosophy is to enhance your beauty while maintaining a natural look
I'm a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), the largest professional organization in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Members uphold a Code of Ethics and maintain high professional standards. We aspire to be our best, and continue to further our knowledge 
through education. 

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