Specializing in Microblading & Hair StrokeBrows 

Because of the hype on social media, "microblading" has become known as the look of natural hair in the brows. However, microblading is actually a technique where small cuts are made in the skin where pigment is absorbed, creating the look of hair. Due to the popularity of fuller brows, many people are learning this method in 2 day courses where a proper background and knowledge is just not possible. This has led to a large influx in clients requesting a fix to poor shape and a lack of longevity to the look they paid for. Many women say their brows lasted only 4-6 months! 

Microblading, 3D brows, feather strokes, micropigmentation, permanent makeup, and semi-permanent tattooing... These all mean the same thing! It's the METHOD that makes us the BEST!

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